Sunday, December 3, 2006

Saddam and Gomorrah

Saddam and Gomorrah: As Saddam Hussein waits to be executed, it becomes fitting to address the contentious questions surrounding the War in Iraq. A basic question on many people's minds is how long will it take to secure the country and begin the nation building process? One of the biggest mistakes of the U.S. military was the systematic dismantling of the Iraqi Army. As a result, the U.S. Army had to keep the peace and root out terrorists largely on its own. With the various suicide bombings that occur on almost a daily basis, it is clear that the United States cannot maintain its current course much longer. Either a troop surge ought to happen or a comprehensive framework for withdrawal should be instituted. Training a new Iraqi Army has taken time and cost lives. During this time, terrorists have plotted and carried out numerous counter-attacks. If American politicians wish to construct a timetable for the ordered removal of U.S. forces, it should be based on the number of capable officers in the new Iraqi Army. Otherwise, Saddam's imminent demise will coincide with Gomorrah's (Baghdad) sustained turmoil. At the same time, setting a withdrawal date can embolden the enemy, as insurgents will simply lay low until the level of occupying troops declines.

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