Thursday, December 14, 2006

On Immortality

On Immortality: And hence, I say, human beings have already attained immortality! No longer shall people fret over death since it is merely a necessary and certain step in the greater realm of eternity. The deepest yearning of the heart is to be eternal. And yet Christ's miraculous resurrection of Lazarus (pictured above) was a metaphor for how one is to conquer time. Through a Kierkegaardian 'Leap of Faith,' man is to cross over from the finite to the infinite. In doing so, he loses nothing of the finite for it all returns to him in the hereafter. Still, all human beings possess a soul and that is precisely what gets passed on through the generations. Since the soul is eternal by definition, when people reproduce, their souls come together in their progeny. Therefore, a person is necessarily a synthesis of both finite and infinite elements. Most people despair over their finite side because they do not fully recognize their infinite side. But why worry about worldly goods? There seems to be no foundational point after all. Death is said to be the great equalizer. Even so, many human beings merely concern themselves with all things materialistic and mundane, which in the end, will only be considered a profound waste of time.

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