Monday, October 1, 2007


Neither/Nor: No matter how one analyzes the mystery of life, it always comes down to choice. For some people, especially those living under destitute conditions, it becomes difficult to see how free will and the act of choosing play an integral role in their lives. Like the ominous hole pictured above, which ironically enough is the entrance to the radioactive waste site known as Yucca Mountain in Nevada, Christ tells us that many will strive, but few will enter the kingdom of life everlasting. And much like the narrow door to salvation, one must at some point loathe not only his own existence, but also every person and thing he encounters. This kind of elemental despair is important for it constitutes the first step in a Faith building process that ought to continue throughout life. When faced with a challenging decision, man should be adamant in saying that he wants neither to make a choice, nor to deal with the consequences of not making a choice. Yet choosing not to choose is the greatest risk of all. Therefore, employ the divine right of free will appropriately and never under any circumstances decline to exercise it.

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